The partnership of PromoVision and AdBurg, a Canadian company, combines innovative high quality products with advanced technology to create the ultimate high impact marketing tools and offer your brand ‘out of the box’ creative ideas in the marketing field.

3D Printing Media

A print that shows your image with its three dimensions, although it’s a completely flat unique print technology.


Blue Luminous Animated Printing

A Technology that gives life to your pictures, products and ads. It is the most original media that grabs your audience by printing your message on a thin and lightweight medium which also provides eye-catching animation effect similar to large LED signs.


Interactive Projection

A Media Method that projects an interactive high resolution holographic 2D/3D image into space with your customized image or logo. It provides a unique technology which allows us to create an infinite amount of stunning effects that integrate easily into any existing system.

Digital Display

A High-Tech Multimedia screen where digital colored lamps are able to display and show videos, advertisments, pictures and characters. It can display fantastic visual effects and catch easily the attention of the potential customers with wide view angles.


Interactive Mirror

A mirror that changes any ordinary mirror into a bright full-colored advertising display. High quality motion sensors can detect any object approaching this mirror and display a full-colored advertisement.


Customized Baloons and Flags

Branded Balloons that attract attention from miles by printing your message on unusual entertaining floating billboard.


Slim Light Box

This box comes with a prestigious and decorative shape able to maximize your message effect, create attention and to ensure the best solution for your illuminated sign and display requirements.